Getting a Credit Card in Saskatchewan

Banks are in the business of making money just like any other business you come across. A person who intends to interact with a bank needs to understand this so as not to get disappointed or frustrated when the bank makes some decisions because they perceive you as a bad credit card customer.

field-hockey1Some people often say that ‘life happens’. Well, this might lead you to default on the payment of your current credit card or loan. Unfortunately, all these personal financial details are recorded if you are living in Saskatchewan. Defaulting on your loan repayments and late payments gets recorded and this information is shared by all the lenders and credit card companies. This means that you will be rated as a risky debtor.

Credit card companies will evaluate each and every customer so as to ensure that their money is guaranteed to return. If your credit rating is positive, creditors will want to offer you credit card loans at low interest. On the other hand, if you have defaulted in your repayments, you might even find it impossible to access a standard credit card. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel;

How to get a credit card with poor credit rating?

  • Get a prepaid card – You may find that your applications getting rejected from every corner and yet you need to shop with a card. You can go around this problem by getting a prepaid card. Essentially, this means that you put some cash in your card account and get to shop with it. While technically this means you are using a debit card, you also get to enjoy some credit if you are a regular user. The approval of this card is fast and you also get a shot at improving your bad credit.
  • Apply for ‘bad credit’ credit card – This is a card that you can access if your credit card application gets rejected by the mainstream lenders. At times, these cards are referred to as credit builder credit cards. You should regularly use this card and make timely payments. This way, your credit score will improve and it is even possible to see your rating go way up in just 6 months. With time, you will even be eligible to apply for a card with the mainstream lenders.
  • Secured credit card – This type of card is used by people who have bad credit past or by those with low credit score. This card is backed by a savings account whereby the account is used as collateral and used to set the limit of the card. The credit card holder is supposed to deposit funds into the savings account hence giving the lender some security to hold on to in case they fail to make a repayment. Based on a borrower’s credit history and the amount in their savings account, the credit limit of the card varies.

Things that will make you get low credit score

People often get lost as to what can make them become not creditworthy. Besides, you defaulting on a number of loans or credit cards, you can also land in the category of customers not eligible to access a standard card if you have never borrowed money from a lending institution.

If your name does not appear in the national electoral register, and you happen not to have any past relationship with a registered lender, your credit score will be a bit low.  In short, lenders are looking for a referee whenever you are applying for a loan or for a credit card. If there is no one to vouch for you as a good payer, then you automatically get a low credit rating.

Field Hockey in Saskatchewan

Field hockey is one of the most popular games in Saskatchewan. Whether you call it field hockey or simply hockey, people around here will understand you just perfectly. It is a game that is played by 22 players, including the goalie.  Players play the game using fiberglass, carbon fiber or wood sticks. For the longest time, however, wood was the predominant type of stick used. Each player can play using a different size of stick depending on their height. When playing, only one side of the stick is supposed to be used. The goalie usually uses a different kind of stick, but they can use the same kind of stick being used by the rest of the players.

 History of the game

Scotland, England and Netherlands are thought to be the homes of modern hockey. However, the history of the game runs way back to around 300BC. In East Asia, a game similar to hockey used to be played. The players of the game used curved sticks and a small ball. At around 500 BC, the Grecians were the ones playing a similar game, but this time they used horns and a small object which served as a ball.

In Mongolia, the game was being played at around 1,000 AD. This is evidenced from the writings of King Edward III of England in 1363 when he wrote a decree warning of playing of such a game at certain times and places. The game continued to be played and perfected until it was introduced in the 1908 Olympics. It has remained in the international arena since.

 Hockey in Saskatchewan

field-hockeyThe Saskatchewan Field Hockey Association is one of the strongest in the world. It has consistently featured a team or teams in national as well as international championships. It prides itself as an association which strives to put a team at the podium in each and every competition. Well, it has done a pretty good job at this.

The association is made up of 18,000 strong players spread across the country; 9,000 of those players are in High school. The tireless work of the players, volunteers, coaches and the community at large ensures that impressive results are achieved throughout.

There are a lot of competitions that are organized across the province and which are designed to ensure that young players improve. Irrespective of how old you are, you are certain to find a place in a team. All that is required of you is dedication, hard work and of course be a team player. Even though a majority of the well known players is from Regina, you still have a good shot at being included in the Saskatchewan Provincial team irrespective of your hometown.

Hockey is such a popular sport in the whole country such that even when you are done with high school, you will still find a field to practice in at any university. Young people’s talent doesn’t go to waste because the game continues to be expounded in every part of the Canadian culture.

In every two years, there is a championship, which strives to select the very best from the province. The team that makes it goes on ahead to compete nationally and internationally. The input of the Saskatchewan team is so enormous that in the field hockey games played every other week on the international scene, there is a player who carries the province’s name up high.

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